In 1966 my father and a group of German, English and American mountaineers attempted the first accent of the Eiger North Face winter direct route. They stayed in the face for thirty days and succeeded but under tragic circumstances. Fifty Years later In memory to the undertaking and especially to my dad who dyed young I have done an art project about the expedition. Like my dad and his friends I stayed for thirty days at the Eiger North Face. Not in the face but at the mountain chalet which was their base camp back. Thirty days of drawing, writing, taking photographs and exchanging experiences with skiers and mountaineers who stayed for some time at the chalet too during my residence. I created an illustrated diary which I presented at the event for the anniversary on the 25th of March at Kleine Scheiddeck/Grindelwald. It will also be shown from 24th of June to 10th of July at Klosterkirche Pfullingen/Germany and from 14th of July to 11th of August at Naked Eye Gallery in Hove/England.